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Well….Could be better. The more I live the more I know!

It certainly has been a long trip to the land of hope. After years of suppression and prosecution, I had to flee to the place that I had only read about before in newspapers. They said my ideas didn’t comply with the society’s views and common beliefs. But did they…

University students should wear the uniform.

It’s well-known that at the majority of Russian Universities the uniform is not obligatory and students may wear whatever they want within the confines of ethics. But the truth is that the casual dress code has a negative impact on students. So it’s necessary…

Hi, everyone!

I just wanted to say that this time it was utterly difficult for me to choose a book I’d love to read, and it took me a lot of time because I longed to read non-fiction (btw my first one in English). However, I wasn’t sure that I…

Being a student of the American Department means to be aware of the most essential history facts, concepts, laws, cultural background, and American values.

In comparison with an eighteen-year-old me I know a lot about America now. Nevertheless, here are things that I (unfortunately) don’t know (or have a very superficial knowledge about), and that require some research.

1)Police brutality

2)Taxes in America

3)Black History

4)World War I

5)Bill of Rights

6)American Revolution

7)United States Constitution

8)Native Americans in the United States

9)The Trail of Tears

10)Gettysburg Addres


12) Money management

13)Rosa Parks

14) Manifest Destiny

15) Pearl Harbor

16) Voting Rights Act of 1965

17) Japanese-American Internment

18) Brown v. Board of Education

Why Psychopaths? Because they’re everywhere. Really.

When you hear the word “psychopath” what comes to mind? Most people would think of serial killers or famous Hollywood characters such as Hannibal Lecter and Norman Bates. The truth is-they make up about one percent of the population as per Live Science…

Hi, I’ve just had some practice on Memrise, and here’s my progress

Hi! I’ve recently had my first experience of studying new sophisticated vocabulary on Memrise, and it was fun and really useful! I picked up a few advanced courses including Hard Words for GRE, IELTS 8.5 , and SAT Comprehensive, so you can see my result on the screenshot (I don’t know if it’s enough for 30-minute practice, but still).

So, now I’d love to share my three favorite words from Memrise with you!

  1. Canard=a false or misleading report, especially if deliberately so
  2. Mendicant=begging, living on alms
  3. Antidiluvian=Out-dated,Archaic, Obsolete

Hi, everyone! Long time no see! Let me share my favorite online resources for studying English(or another language) with you!
The best tool for speaking is HelloTalk. It’s a free app where you can find a native speaker of your target language to chat with. It works like a language…

What if I had an opportunity to invite 6 people of art to my intimate dinner party? Who would it be?

The most welcome guest would definitely be Freddie Mercury!

He was a British outstanding singer-songwriter, and the frontman of one of the most successful rock-and-roll bands “Queen”. He is…


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